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Les Archives, a documentary directed by Stéphane Eloy and Nathalie Luca in 2007

The journal Archives des Sciences Sociales des Religions celebrated its fiftieth birthday in 2007!

Founded in 1956 by Gabriel Le Bras, Henri Desroche, François Isambert, Jacques Maître and Emile Poulat, joined by Jean Seguy, it publishes the work of French and foreign scholars approaching religious facts in the world from a  sociological, historical, philosophical and anthropological perspective. Thematic issues regularly come to deepen the questions raised by the variety and the survival of religious forms within advanced modernity. Its rich bibliographical bulletin makes it an indispensable tool for anyone interested in this broad field of studies.

Nathalie Luca and Stéphane Eloy have made a documentary that traces the birth and development of the journal and through it the emergence of a sociology of religion independent of any ecclesial influence. Émile Poulat, Jacques Maître, Danièle Hervieu-Léger and Jean Baubérot are its main witnesses. A thematic issue (#136) also complements this documentary.


· First part, introduction 09:26 min.

· Second part « Une sociologie religieuse adossée à l’Église ? » Gabriel Le Bras 18:26 min.

· Third part « Archiver, structurer, dynamiser » 18:21min.

· Last part «  La transmission » 06 :29 min.


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